Fujifilm X Series: Nontoxic Nostalgia

I am generally not a fan of nostalgic design—for one thing, it's lazy and keeps us from arriving at newer, more original solutions. (If you want to hear the other things, I rant on here.) However, I really like these Fujifilm X Series digital cameras. Much smaller and lighter than a typical DSLR, they hold onto an iconic, classic camera-ness of form while providing all the advantages of digital function. Win-win.

Masazumi Imai, the chief designer of the X series, says it much better than I could: 

“When we were little, when we went into our father’s room or our grandfather’s room, there was an important-looking camera on the shelf, and we were told not to touch it because it was valuable,” Mr. Imai said. “We wanted to create that kind of look and feel.”