Department chair, Graphic Design, at University of the Arts in Philadelphia since summer 2018. Teaching, mostly graphic design and typography, for over ten years at New York City undergraduate institutions including School of Visual Arts, Fashion Institute of Technology, New York University, Queens College, and City College of New York. 

SVA TypeLab instructor Dan Rhatigan and participant Wing-Sze Ho show (and tell!) how it’s done.

SVA TypeLab instructor Yomar Augusto demonstrates ink and brush hand-lettering.
SVA TypeLab Instructors on their favorite (and least favorite) typefaces

Undergraduate Courses

Full year course
Editorial Design, the School of Visual Arts

Single semester courses
Design 2, Queens College/CUNY
Senior Portfolio, Design in Cultural Context, Survey of
Graphic Design History, Professional Practice, and Typography 01,
Fashion Institute of Technology/SUNY
Graphic Design for Illustrators, School of Visual Arts
Editorial Design 1 & 2 and Senior Portfolio,
City College of New York
Architectural Criticism, New York University

Graduate Lectures
Lecture series at the School of Visual Arts, MFA Design Criticism
Graphic Design and Visual Culture
Graphic Design: Vision and Communication

Online Courses
Video tutorials for on graphic design, concepts, typography, and magazine design


Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)
Curriculum developer, program coordinator, and instructor for five course online program in typography
The Complete Typographer
Office of Online Learning Technology, the School of Visual Arts

Summer Residency
Curriculum developer and program coordinator for four week summer intensive residency in typeface design, launched 2014
SVA TypeLab: Theory and Practice
Division of Continuing Education, the School of Visual Arts

Animated Black Gecko typeface by Julie Bjornskov.

Undergraduate Student Work